Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bahamas Baby!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged lately I will try to be better!!!!!!

OK now to the good part....

I went to the Bahamas this past week!!!! It was so much fun!!!!! We went with my dad's side of the family. My grandfather Grandpa, his girlfriend Lola, my aunts Sarah and Denise, my uncle Richard, my cousins Tricia, J.J., and Heather. And my family and I of course! We stayed at Atlantis!

Day 1:
The first day we really just swam. My Mom, Mike and I went down the rapid river my Mom apparently didn't expect the rapid part coming so on the first rapid she about fell off!!!! It was hilarious!!! That day Tricia and I went on a slide that wasn't scary at all!!! But we got to go in the shark tank that was like a box thing!

Day 2:
The next day I swam in the morning and at two Denise, Tricia, J.J., Jackie, Jodi and I swam with sea lions. The sea lion kissed everybody on the cheek and gave us a hug! We took lots of pictures! That night we ate at a nicer place at the hotel that had a very good buffet!

Day 3:
Today Denise, Richard, and Heather went home. My family went shopping I didn't get anything, but Jackie and Jodi got purses. There wasn't much we did that day because thats all we did!

Day 4:
Big day! All I did today was swim! I went down a five second slide literally it takes five seconds! I went down the rapids like four times because that is how you get to the power tower. The Power Tower has four slides. You get to two of them by going down the rapids! The two I went on that day are called The Falls and The Drop. The Falls isn't scary at all well not to me anyways. The Drop is some what scary. At the beginning you think you are going strait down but then you go curvy. Then you go up and down. I also got a massage! It was amazing!

Day 5:
Grandpa, Lola, Sarah, Tricia, and J.J. left today. Mike and Nathan went golfing today. The girls and I went to the Power Tower and went down the Drop. Then Jackie, Mom and I went up to the top and went down the Serge. It was freaky!!!!!!! My family and I went to a super nice restaurant. It had huge plates full of food! We got four plates of food for the six of us and didn't even eat half of it!

Day 6:
We are home!!!! We got up at five and got on a plane to go to Miami to Dallas to College Station. We had lots of fun and I am glad we are home!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Not 3 day Weekends???

My mom and I were in the car this morning talking about how we should get 4 days of work/school and 3 days of rest and play!!!!! That would be very close to an even number of each kind of days.

The thing that got all this started is we were talking about how we will get a 4 day week, a 4 day weekend, then again a 4 day week for Easter weekend. We thought 3 day week then 4 day weekend was pushing it. So we decided to flip that around to where we still had longer work/school but the week was a day shorter and the weekend was a day longer.

Then everybody would be happy!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


So sorry I have not blogged in a long time! I keep starting to blog then I get board. So if you have any idea for what to write about please tell me! Sorry getting board again. Bye!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm reading a book called Twilight. It is so good!!!!!!!! It is a story about a girl named Bella and goes to live with her father because her parents are divorced. Bella meets a vampire but does not know it. She meets a boy who tells her. The vampire's name is Edward. Edward likes Bella but sometimes wants to bite her.

I haven't gotten that far but it is a good book. There are four books in the series Twilight, New Moon, Eclipes, and Braking Dawn. I am only on the first book and not that far I might add. But it's already an amazing book!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What is with this Weather?

Man,it's freezing outside!!! Two days ago I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the high is in the seventies.

Today I am wearing jeans and a sweater. I bet I will be wearing shorts and a t-shirt again soon. I wish it would just stay one way or the other!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I get the Award......

for the worst blogger.

I know I haven't bogged in a long time!!! Some of you are probable thinking man, I am tired of looking at the Crystal Light blog. Or you may be thinking she has done stuff to her blog like a new backround and the I'm the Favorite thing. But hey, my mom hasn't blogged sense the first day of school at least I am not that bad!!!!

And yes I have had plenty of time!!!! I just haven't wanted to because I couldn't think of anything to write about. But now I have and for those of you who have a blog I hope I don't have to pass it on to you!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008